Emission reduction at the Marcor
port crane of Rotterdam


Emission reduction of the Marcor harbor crane

The DCMR IMO standard for nox emissions is 8.18 gr / kWh. After a measurement on the exhaust pipe showed that the nox emissions was 14.44 gr / kWh. This had to be reduced to a minimum of 8.18 gr / kWh.


Measuring is knowing

After the measurement, a catalyst was developed and mounted between the turbo and the exhaust pipe. We then measured at 5 different points: 1. at the turbo, 2. for the catalyst, 3. after the catalyst, 4. back pressure after the catalyst and 5. outside temperature.



The catalyst has ensured that the nox emissions of 14.44 gr / kWh are reduced to a value of 4.6 gr / kWh. And that while the standard is 8.18 gr / kWh. This makes the Marcor port crane of Rotterdam the cleanest port crane in the Netherlands and certified by DCMR.


  • Minimum maintenance
  • Continuous electronic system monitoring
  • Long lifespan
  • Flexible (can be adjusted)
  • Virtually fault-free (3 years running)

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